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Animal Mind Productions is a game and movie production company with a unique mission:

Providing you with easy access to cutting-edge scientific knowledge on how animals think, feel and learn.

Today, scientists know more about the inner lives of animals than ever before.

The diversity and intensity of animal minds has proven so vast that advances in animal cognition science have been compared to the discovery of evolution or DNA.

However, only a small fraction of that tantalising knowledge has so far been available to the public.

For whom?

We will develop digital media for a wide range of people with an interest in animals: ordinary people, hobbyists, students, animal-related professionals etc. To maximise availability of information, we will make several of our products free to use for anyone.


We will utilize visual media such as movies, as well as interactive gaming experiences, to bring you in-depth knowledge that is based on sound science, yet is easy and fun to access.

Our first product is currently in the early stages of development. It is a mobile game that will take you to the deep seas, revealing what science knows about the inner worlds of fish. What can they feel? Are they more intelligent than we used to think? How do individual differences in personality affect their ways of tackling challenges? Developed in collaboration with Sampo Games, Studio Eem and Siluris Communications, it will provide a new way to give the general public easy access to detailed scientific knowledge.


The increasingly nuanced picture that science is revealing on the inner worlds of animals is fascinating in itself. Furthermore, science has a lot to offer in selecting best solutions for a variety of questions regarding animal use. Access to scientific knowledge can therefore provide a constructive contribution to discussions in society.



Animal Mind Productions was founded in 2019 by Helena Telkänranta, an award-winning Finnish professional in public communication of science.