Our first projects are currently under development and production.

Production underway:

A journey into the minds of cows, pigs and chickens


We are producing a series of internet videos and interlinked text, taking you into the inner lives of our most commonly farmed species. How does living in a natural environment transform their behaviour? What's it like to be a sensitive ox or a fast-learning chicken?

The series was developed in collaboration with the acclaimed British documentary filmmaker Amanda Feldon and filmed at Tuulispää Animal Sanctuary in Finland. The production is funded by the Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists and by TJNK - The Committee for Public Information of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

The series will be published in the English and Finnish languages, and it will be free to watch and read on the internet.


Planning underway, a demo version completed:

The surprising world of fish


A series of science comics combined with a game, delving into the underwater world. What can fish feel? Are they more intelligent than we used to think? What do environmental issues mean to fish - not just as resources or populations, but as sentient individuals?


A demo version containing a few components of the full version has been developed in collaboration with Siluris Communications, Sampo Games, Virtual Frontiers and Aniway. Its production was funded by Tieteen tiedotus ry (a Finnish non-profit for public communication of science); AVEK - The Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland; and by an Innovation Voucher by Business Finland.


The comics and game will be published in the English and Finnish languages, and they will be free to download and play.

We are now searching for funding to produce the full versions of the comics and game.

In 2021, we will be starting further projects in parallel,

involving virtual reality and documentary film.